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Boston terrier.


Messaging & Branding; After the Product is Developed, What's Next?
Sam Levin, Social Media Specialist, Sam Levin Consulting, Co Host Inside Mac Radio

Track: System Administration
Date: Tuesday, October 26
Time: 4:15pm - 5:00pm
Location: Stevens Creek


Many Mac OS X Developers believe once the product is finished, buyers will rush to their respective doorsteps. This is a well known fallacy.

Once the product is finished, a key ingredient to selling is getting noticed and effectively communicating your message. This brief yet eye opening session guides developers through creative ways to get their products noticed, such as eye catching data sheets, PR/press ideas, where to market, where not to market.

Learn useful tips and hints on keeping track of media and what to do within the retail scene (packaging, web and related marketing communications). Think of this session as your personal Business Development toolkit for the rest of us!

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