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Boston terrier.


Podcasting: Consuming, Producing, and Distributing DIY Radio
Lenn Pryor, Co-host, Engadget.com

Track: Insanely Great Mac
Date: Thursday, October 28
Time: 2:35pm - 3:20pm
Location: Stevens Creek


The podcasting meme emerged almost out of thin air just a month ago, and is gaining momentum daily. Learn more about how this nascent movement of do-it-yourself digital radio content production and distribution, and how to get involved. Emerging out of the blogging phenomenon, Podcasting allows individuals and organizations alike to record digital audio shows on a Mac or PC and to deliver them via a combination of client software and RSS directly to the listener's iPod or other mobile media device. This session will teach you how to find and subscribe to Podcasts using the latest software and directories, how to record a Podcast on your Mac using free and professional software, and how to distribute your audio files to listeners.

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