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Kurt Heiden

Kurt Heiden has been active with computer audio since 1988. An award-winning sound designer and composer who has worked for Interplay Productions, 7th Level and Sierra, his credits include The Bard's Tale II, Battle Chess and Return to Krondor. He has been an author of monthly articles on music and audio for the webzine www.mac-nut.com. Over the last eight years, Kurt has held marketing roles for audio companies including Roland, Creative Labs and SRS Labs. Kurt was a key player in the success of EAX (Environmental Audio Extensions) at Creative Labs, and the adoption of SRS Circle Surround on hundreds of TV and radio broadcasts including the Academy Awards, Tony Awards, Frasier, Becker, Girlfriends, ESPN sports events and others. He is Co-Chairman of the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group, an organization which, since 1994, has sought to improve the tools used by audio professionals through proposals to standards bodies.

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