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From the Frontiers of Research to the Heart of the Enterprise
O'Reilly Open Source Convention
Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina
July 22-26, 2002 -- San Diego, CA



Real World Performance Tuning in the mod_perl Environment
Ask Bjørn Hansen, Develooper.com

Track: Apache Web Server
Date: Wednesday, July 24
Time: 1:45pm - 3:15pm
Location: Sea Breeze I

All too much time is being burned optimizing code when fixing the system architecture could give much better improvements for the time invested.

This talk will give a tour of different techniques used to tune mod_perl systems and saving tens (or hundreds) of megabytes RAM by running fewer processes and using them more efficiently. Also discussed is caching, persistent database connections, proxying, using separate servers, and setting the right http headers.

We will also go into various techniques to profile and benchmark your code and the overall system.

Many of the ideas from this session can be implemented in an afternoon and give significant improvements to your server performance.

The talk will cover issues with both Apache and mod_perl 1.x as well as 2.0.

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