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From the Frontiers of Research to the Heart of the Enterprise
O'Reilly Open Source Convention
Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina
July 22-26, 2002 -- San Diego, CA



XSBuilder - Autogenerating XS-glue Code
Gerald Richter, ECOS-Electronic Communications Systems

Track: Perl
Date: Thursday, July 25
Time: 11:30am - 12:15pm
Location: Grande Ballroom A

XSBuilder is grown out of the mod_perl 2.0 build system. It automates the process of generating the XS-glue code that is necessary for accessing existing C-code from Perl. XSBuilder scans the C headers files to become aware of the C interface, takes a set of map files which describes how the C interface should be mapped into a Perl interface and generates the XS code and documentation for the interface. This saves a lot of copy & paste work which is normaly necessary to write such an interface and makes it easy to keep the Perl interface in sync with the C interface.

The talk shows how this process works, how mod_perl uses it to create the Perl interface into Apache and how XSBuilder can be used in your own projects. Additionaly it will outline the differences to the Inline modules and SWIG, which also can be used to interface with C code, but with a different approach. Also XSBuilder can't be used without haveing any knowlegde of programming XS, it allows to create and maintain Perl interfaces with less work, less knowlegde of XS and still getting a more complete and up to date interface as when doing the same work manualy.

Download presentation file

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