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O'Reilly Open Source Convention


Subversion, WebDAV, and Apache HTTP Server 2.0
Justin Erenkrantz, University of California, Irvine

Track: Apache
Date: Thursday, July 10
Time: 11:30am - 12:15pm
Location: Salon F

Erenkrantz introduces setting up and using WebDAV in the context of Subversion and the Apache HTTP Server. Subversion is a new version control system intended to replace CVS. One of its key advantages is allowing access through a WebDAV-compliant interface.

This session details:

  • Advantages of Subversion over CVS
  • How to install Subversion with Apache HTTP Server 2.0
  • How to create and manage Subversion repositories
  • How to use Subversion with its native client software
  • How to use Subversion with a WebDAV client
Adds Erenkrantz: "I've been involved in the development of the Apache HTTP Server Project for over two years now. I was introduced to the project by Roy Fielding, one of the founders of the Apache Software Foundation, while I was working at the same company. I am now a member of the Apache Software Foundation as well as a member of the Apache HTTP Server Project Management Committee.

"Through my involvement in the Apache HTTP Server Project, I was introduced to some of the developers for a project called Subversion. Subversion and httpd both use APR, so there was some cross-pollination between the projects. I've now contributed to Subversion for a little over a year now.

"I believe my Subversion talk will be particularly interesting because it will show how version control can be accessible with tools that most people already have available on their machines. Furthermore, using it can be done without any knowledge of the underlying version control. This opens up the benefits of version control in a transparent manner to the users. It can show the attendees how they can integrate version control into their normal processes and, perhaps, even have non-developers use version control."

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