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O'Reilly Open Source Convention


Advanced Object Oriented Perl
Damian Conway, Thoughtstream

Track: Perl
Date: Tuesday, July 08
Time: 8:45am - 5:15pm
Location: Salon E

Conway’s tutorial shows participants how to build on the basic object-oriented Perl techniques they already know and unlock more of the power of Perl's OO capabilities.


  • how (and when) to bless arrays and scalars;
  • three different ways to implement data hiding for Perl objects;
  • how Perl implements inheritance and polymorphism (and how to change the rules of either);
  • the features (and traps) of operator overloading in Perl;
  • easy ways to build complete classes (semi-)automatically;
  • how to do design-by-contract programming in OO Perl
  • how to use multiple dispatch (an advanced form of polymorphism)

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