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O'Reilly Open Source Convention


SOLD OUT Perl for System Administration: Networking Power Hour 1
David N. Blank-Edelman, Notheastern University CCS

Track: Perl
Date: Tuesday, July 08
Time: 1:45pm - 5:15pm
Location: Salon D

Who should attend: System and Network administrators with at least advanced-beginner to intermediate Perl skills (important prerequisite).

If past survey classes on Perl for System Administration has got you hungry to go deeper, this class is for you. We'll take an hour per subject to probe how Perl can be used to work with three different network-related topics. We'll cover the necessary background material to get you jump-started and then dive into the approaches, tools and methods you need to successfully use your existing Perl skills to tame these areas.

Here's what we'll cover together:

  • SNMP: The Simple Network Management Protocol isn't always so simple to use or understand but it is ubiquitous. We'll learn how to use Perl to query and configure SNMP versions 1 *and 3* capable devices like switches, routers and workstations.

  • Packet Play: It is not uncommon to have to sniff a network looking for specific packets (or sometimes even produce them yourself). Maybe you're debugging a network service or performing penetration tests. We'll look at both sniffing for specific packets and creating them ourselves from Perl.

  • Network Monitoring and Mapping: With SNMP and packet skills under our belt, we can begin to approach the hard topic of continuously monitoring a network and displaying the results. This module will tie together the two previous modules and work towards building simple tools to help. We'll also look at some of the more advanced free tools already built to solve this problem.

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