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O'Reilly Open Source Convention


Tomcat Clustering Models and Implementations
Jason Brittain, CollabNet Inc.

Track: Apache
Date: Wednesday, July 09
Time: 4:30pm - 5:15pm
Location: Salon I

Eventually, one machine just isn't enough for high traffic sites that use Java servlets. Regardless of whether it's for better scalability or for fault tolerance, eventually your servlets will need to run on more than one server machine. To help you set up and maintain a clustered Tomcat 4 system, Brittain's presentation examines some of the details of the models and existing implementations of Tomcat 4 clustering infrastructure software.

Why Cluster?
- High availability: Traffic too high for one server machine to handle.
- Fault tolerance: You need either homogeneous or heterogeneous clustering.

The Many Ways of Clustering Tomcat 4
- Request Distribution (Load Balancing or Round Robin)
- Session Affinity
- Servlet Session Replication
- Distributed / Replicated Object Cache
- Distributed / Replicated File System

Tomcat 4 Clustering Implementation Options
- Request Distribution (Load Balancing or Round Robin)

  • DNS Request Distribution (WAN)
  • TCP Connection Request NAT Load Balancers
  • HTTP Redirect Service
  • Web Server Connector to Tomcat Request Distribution
- Session Affinity
  • Foundry Networks ServerIron
  • mod_backhand
  • mod_jk
- Servlet Session Replication
  • Database Session Storage/Retrieval
  • Distributed Filesystem Sessions
  • In-Memory/Net Session Replication
- Distributed / Replicated Object Cache
  • Tangosol Coherence(TM)
  • JavaGroups DistributedHashtable
- Distributed / Replicated File System

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