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O'Reilly Open Source Convention


SOLD OUT Jabber Bootcamp
Ryan Eatmon, Jabber Software Foundation
Peter Millard, Jabber, Inc.

Track: XML
Date: Monday, July 07
Time: 1:45pm - 5:15pm
Location: Salon A

Jabber is an open XML protocol for the real-time exchange of messages and presence over the Internet. Client and server implementations exist for most computing platforms, and open-source libraries make it easy to build custom extensions using most popular languages.

Jabber Introduction

  • Jabber for IM: Open-source server and clients
  • The Jabber Network: Tens of thousands of servers, millions of users
  • Beyond IM: Leveraging a generalized presence and messaging platform
  • The Jabber Community: Lots of open-source projects and libraries, as well as corporate involvement
  • Jabber and Standards: Interaction between the Jabber Software
  • Foundation (JSF) and the IETF XMPP Working group.

    Jabber Architecture

  • A decentralized system like email
  • Anyone can run their own Jabber server
  • Anyone can build custom extensions and applications

    Protocol Primer

  • XML Streams: Why we stream XML
  • XML Extensibility: Using the power of XML namespaces, anyone can extend the Jabber protocol for custom functionality
  • Basic elements for messaging and presence
  • The "Big 3" namespaces for registration, authentication and contact lists
  • Other namespaces used for IM
  • Discovery protocols
  • Groupchat protocols

    Using Jabber clients for IM

  • Linux, MacOS, Windows, etc.
  • Pointers to docs and how-tos Installing the open-source server

  • JabberD Quickstart
  • Building from source
  • Pointers to admin guide

    Extending the platform

  • Build a bot
  • Build a component
  • Popular language bindings

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