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O'Reilly Open Source Convention


Playing Together
Marty Pauley, Kasei

Track: Apps
Date: Monday, July 07
Time: 1:45pm - 5:15pm
Location: Salon C

Pauley demonstrates and explains how you can use a GNU/Linux server to provide core network services to a small network of Windows, Mac OS, and Unix(ish) systems. The main types of services to be examined are file sharing, printing, email, and knowledge management.

Many small companies have heterogeneous computer systems that they would like to work together, but they are put off by perceived complexity and cost, especially after talking to some vendors. This tutorial shows that a Free Software system on a GNU/Linux server can do the work of at least four proprietary servers for a fraction of the cost.


1. Basic network configuration
  • DNS, DHCP, and private IP addresses

    2. File and printer sharing

  • Windows sharing with Samba
  • Mac sharing with netatalk;
  • printing with CUPS
  • managing users, passwords, and permissions
  • backups

    3. Providing a coherent email system

  • using the Postfix mail transport agent
  • email filtering to catch spam and viruses
  • choosing POP and IMAP servers
  • supporting different mail clients

    4. Intranet Apache web server

  • knowledge sharing on a wiki
  • activity recording on a weblog

    The tutorial is aimed at novice GNU/Linux system administrators, and experienced NT systems administrators who are moving to GNU/Linux. Anyone planning to add network services to a small network would also benefit.

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