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O'Reilly Open Source Convention


SOLD OUT Network Programming in Python
Steve Holden, Holden Web

Track: Python
Date: Tuesday, July 08
Time: 8:45am - 12:15pm
Location: Portland

This tutorial provides practical tuition based on the material already available in Part II of "Python Web Programming." The material is suitable for anyone with an introductory knowledge of Python, and covers:

  • Network Layering and Client/Server Services

  • Connectionless programming

  • Connection-oriented programming

  • The bind/accept paradigm

  • How clients and servers communicate

  • How to write a client and a server

  • Some client libraries: the ftp, smtp and pop modules

  • Mail or ftp client example

    Adds Holden, "I've been involved in TCP/IP support since the 1980's, when I was a tech. support specialist with Sun Microsystems in the UK, and have taught networking classes for Learning Tree International since 1992. When I took up Python I was delighted to find that network programming was significantly easier than in any other language I'd come across. Much of the material I'll be using in the tutorial is extracted from my book, Python Web Programming (New Riders, 2002).

    "It's actually remarkable that a programmer used to another language can learn enough Python in three hours to write significant networking functionality. Python, of course, is amazingly cool. We have Guido van Rossum to thank for that.

    "This talk is for techies. I hope it will encourage netheads who've been planning to try Python to give it a go. Business managers of networking product lines should encourage their staff to attend--if it's good enough for Google, Python is probably good enough for them too! People might also like to know that the popular Zope web server is written in Python.

    "Python will give them fast development of reliable networking software. The mailman utility that nowadays seems to process half the mailing lists I subscribe to, for example, is written in Python."

    What does Holden forsee for the future of technology? "It will become ever more-pervasive. In ten years time new products will be built to use a ubiquitous wireless network infrsatructure that simply doesn't exist today. Devices that cost thirty bucks will be clients that connect to their host network via this infrastructure, and the profit will be in providing the network services these 'microclients' will consume."

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