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O'Reilly Open Source Convention


Enterprise Strategies and Open Source: The Case of OpenOffice.org
Louis Suarez-Potts, OpenOffice.org/CollabNet
Danese Cooper, Intel and Open Source Initiative

Track: Apps
Date: Wednesday, July 09
Time: 2:30pm - 3:15pm
Location: Salon G

Sun released the StarOffice code to the open-source community in October 2000. A web site, hosted and managed by CollabNet, and based on the Apache model, was created to house the code and provide a collaborative space for a developer community. Two and half years later, the OpenOffice.org Project is one of the most important OSS projects extant, and the application, OpenOffice.org 1.0, is the most powerful OSS desktop alternative. This panel presents a personal history of the Project's evolution, with analysis on the key elements that have enabled the project to be so successful. Areas that will be discussed include:

  • History: who were the players and what was at stake.
  • Reasons for success: How was OpenOffice.org able to flourish? What made the difference? OpenOffice.org has nearly 90,000 registered users and hundreds of developers and code contributors, and it is growing geometrically. Why?
  • Infrastructure: OpenOffice.org's web site infrastructure runs on CollabNet's SourceCast. This platform has created an integrated environment for developers and end users interested in participating. This is unusual as most OSS projects are either entirely one or the other. What is it about SourceCast and its political arrangement that has enabled OpenOffice.org's development?

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