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O'Reilly Open Source Convention


MySQL And Progress Toward The SQL Standard(s)
Peter Gulutzan, MySQL AB

Track: MySQL
Date: Wednesday, July 09
Time: 10:45am - 11:30am
Location: Salon B

MySQL AB devoted a major part of its recent development efforts to accomplishing compliance with the official SQL standard. Hear about the efforts, the progress, and the remaining issues. Also: what's up with this latest version of the ANSI/ISO standard? And how do DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL compare with respect to "Core" standard features? Learn about the official standard features, which are requirements for what the ANSI/ISO standard document calls "Core SQL" compliance.

What's Gulutzan's background with SQL? "I've been involved with SQL Standards for twenty years in three ways: (1) working for a company (Ocelot) that touted its product as a 'pure SQL standard' DBMS; (2) co-writing a boat-anchor book about the SQL-99 standard; (3) handling questions about standards from many enquirers, including MySQL.

"Ask anyone to criticize MySQL, and they'll quickly say it doesn't meet the standard--so they must think it matters. But they don't say what standard, or what MySQL version. This talk will be specific. It's a heads-up for future plans, a necessary background for informed decisions, and just something that's nice to know. It's targeted to people who resell MySQL applications, or who want to install it for their company or government department, and sometimes encounter the question: how standards-compliant is the product you're proposing? It's also for people migrating to MySQL from other DBMSs have portability questions."

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