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O'Reilly Open Source Convention


The A-A-P project

Track: BOF
Date: Thursday, July 10
Time: 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Columbia

Moderated by: Bram Moolenaar, NLnet Labs

The A-A-P project makes it easy to locate, download, build and install software. It also supports browsing source code, developing programs, managing different versions and distribution of software and documentation. This means that A-A-P is useful both for users and for developers.

A-A-P provides two tools: Aap and Agide. Aap is a build tool that works like make, but more reliable and with many more features. Agide is the A-A-P GUI IDE, a framework in which tools work together. For example, it connects Vim with gdb to create a nice source level debugger.

This BOF will go into how these tools can be used and how they can be improved. Feedback is requested both from people who hesitate to switch to A-A-P and people who are already using A-A-P and want more of it. The project leader of A-A-P, Bram Moolenaar, will be present and is interested to go into discussion with you about issues that concern A-A-P. If possible, answers will be illustrated with a demonstration. A discussion about how A-A-P compares to other build tools and why you should or should not use it, is possibly one of the topics.

See http://www.a-a-p.org for information about the A-A-P project.

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