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O'Reilly Open Source Convention


Open Source Robotics at Intel
Myron Hattig, Senior Architect, Intel Research

Track: Emerging Topics
Date: Friday, July 11
Time: 10:30am - 11:15am
Location: Salon I

This session covers an Intel Research SRP (Strategic Research Project) working on Open Source Robotics. The primary Intel motivators are to enable proactive computing and emerging platforms. The hope is that a tractable robotics business becomes feasible within the next decade by creating interoperable and reliable robotics building blocks.

Open Source development is key to the project. Open source code is easily reusable, which will lend to interoperability between robotics building blocks. The peer-review nature of open source increases quality, which will increase the reliability of the building blocks.

The SRP has two major threads: creating robotics building blocks and collaborative research. We are creating building blocks by providing computational boards and helping to write industry specifications of software interfaces/protocols to various robotics components (e.g. actuators and sensors) through the Robotics Engineering Task Force (RETF). Our collaborative research focuses on using the building blocks we are creating to demonstrate proactive computing scenarios.

Finally, I'll show a continuum toward proactive computing from our current projects to future projects.

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