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William Jay Van Etten III, Ph.D.
Willian Jay Van Etten III is an independent HTC and Informatics Consultant.

Van Etten received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Genetics at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Following his graduate research, Van Etten was Senior Software Engineer at the MIT/Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research where he contributed to the genetic mapping of the rat, and was the Head of Informatics for the Mouse Radiation Hybrid Mapping Project as well as Whitehead¹s contribution to the SNP Consortium. Van Etten was involved with the generation of 2 million DNA sequences, and the discovery of 1.4 million Human SNPs; having developed and optimized novel algorithms for SNP discovery.

Van Etten took these high-throughput computing (HTC) research skills to Blackstone Computing as Principal Bioinformaticist where he designed, built and configured HTC environments to support in-silico research for life sciences. Van Etten served as Project Manager for HTC solutions provided to Biogen, Orchid BioSciences, US Genomics, GPC, and the Whitehead Institute, and contributed to HTC solutions provided to Celera Genomics, Astrazeneca, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Research Genetics, and Partner¹s Health Care.


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