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Linux and Bluetooth
Edd Dumbill, Principal, Useful Information Company

Track: Linux
Date: Friday, July 30
Time: 11:35am - 12:20pm
Location: Salon A


Bluetooth, a short-range radio cable-replacement technology, has risen in popularity recently. It's a must-have feature on cell phones, and the latest wireless keyboards and mice use it, too. This talk gives a comprehensive overview of using Bluetooth on Linux, covering:

  • Bluetooth kernel support
  • System administration concerns
  • Interfacing with: cell phones, audio headsets, printers, ISDN, networks, input devices
  • Desktop support in GNOME and KDE
  • Cool toys
  • Says Dumbill about how he became involved in this topic: "I've always been interested in wireless and mobile communications and fun gadgets, so when Bluetooth came out it was something I had to play with. I've been involved with packaging the Linux bluetooth tools for Debian GNU/Linux for over two years now. I also write desktop bluetooth software for the GNOME project."

    What does he think is the most interesting aspect/issue of your presentation? "Most cellphones have Bluetooth these days, and everyone wants to know how to use it as a modem with their Linux laptop or how to synchronize their addressbooks. I'll be covering other cool topics too like setting up ad-hoc personal area networks. Attendees will discover how to use Bluetooth devices with their Linux machines and build new applications on top of personal area networking."

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