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Mathematics and the WWW: The Abacus.mozdev Project
Alexander Vincent

Track: XML
Date: Thursday, July 29
Time: 2:35pm - 3:20pm
Location: Salon H


The W3C has done a great job in introducing MathML to the public, including its Amaya editor. However, MathML by itself is not enough to teach math on the web. For public school districts, commercial programs such as Mathematica are often out of the question. Online textbooks in mathematics often do not have interactivity on the client side.

The abacus project intends to create and release a free Mozilla-based MathML editor, using MathML templates and putting an emphasis on content MathML as well as presentation MathML in multiple human languages. The editor itself will be a component in a larger goal to create commercial, inexpensive tools for interactive mathematics education.

Simultaneously, the abacus project intends to define two new XML languages beyond MathML. One is tentatively called GeoML (Geometry Markup Language), and the other TheoremML (Theorem Markup Language). Combining these two languages with MathML allows for a more XML-friendly understanding of mathematics than MathML alone.

With Mozilla products as a foundation, an inexpensive service may become feasible for public schools. Taking advantage of open source technologies, online textbooks would be easy to create, access, translate, update, and correct errata in.

For updates on the project

Download presentation file

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