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SOLD OUT Introduction to PostgreSQL
A. Elein Mustain, Managing Director, Varlena, LLC

Track: PostgreSQL
Date: Monday, July 26
Time: 8:45am - 12:15pm
Location: Portland


This tutorial reviews basic administration and features of PostgreSQL. It covers the features required to create an installation and database for basic applications.

Introduction To PostgreSQL
  1. What is PostgreSQL
    1. ORDBMS/Extensibility
    2. History
  1. Setting up
    1. Installation from source
    2. Configuration Basics
      1. configure
      2. postgresql.conf
    3. Housekeeping
      1. vacuum
      2. backup/restore
      3. users
      4. basic security, pg_hba.conf
      5. replication tools
    4. Monitoring Tools Overview
    5. Admin & Design Tools

  2. Client Interface Overview
    1. psql, DBI, JDBC, odbc, libpq, ECPG, pgtcl: overview

  3. Database Design
    1. Codds Rules and simple normalization
    2. Real life objects

  4. SQL (standards & vendor specific features)
    1. Standards
    2. PostgreSQL specific
    3. Implementation of Relational Features
      1. Triggers, Constraints, Defaults
      2. Simple domains (also belongs w/data type discussion)
      3. Sequences
      4. Nulls

  5. Built-in datatypes and Functions
    1. Casting
    2. logical operators: coalesce, case, nullif
    3. dates and timestamps
    4. string and pattern matching
    5. Formatting
    6. Common usage

  6. Server Side Functions
    1. plpgsql basics
    2. Overview of available pl languages
    3. Overview of advanced capabilities

  7. Tuning Queries
    1. The usual suspects
    2. Using Explain
    3. Indexing

  8. Future Topics/Wrap Up
    1. User defined data types
    2. Set returning functions

  9. References
    1. RTFM
    2. Mailing Lists
    3. General Bits
    4. Tech Docs
    5. Varlena Support Bureau

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