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SOLD OUT Getting Started with Postfix
Kyle Dent

Track: Linux
Date: Tuesday, July 27
Time: 1:45pm - 5:15pm
Location: Eugene


Postfix is quickly becoming the MTA of choice for system administrators attracted by its performance, security, and ease-of configuration. This tutorial serves as an introduction to using Postfix and provides instruction for getting started.

In contrast with sendmail, Postfix is made up of several different components. This architecture allows for added security and flexibility.

Postfix configuration is largely handled through one very understandable configuration file.

Delivery Transports
Postfix offers many choices when handling messages. Local delivery, relaying, and virtual hosting of multiple domains.

Queue Management
The queue is in many ways the heart of the Postfix system. Understanding how it works is key to troubleshooting problems you may encounter. Postfix provides various utilities to manage messages in the queue.

Blocking UBE
Postfix provides an arsenal of tools to deal with spam. In addition to built-in configuration options, there are many ways to connect Postfix with other anti-spam tools.

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