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The Joy of Index
Josh Berkus, PostgreSQL Lead, Sun Microsystems

Track: PostgreSQL
Date: Friday, July 30
Time: 11:35am - 12:20pm
Location: Salon H


Do you want to index, but you're not sure where, when, or how many times? Are you afraid to index because you don't know the rules of safe indexing? Are you confused by rumors, innuendo, and tall tales about indexes? Worry no more!

Among the items covered will be:

  • Types of indexes: from the pedestrian to the exotic
  • When to index: the Four Reasons
  • When not to index: sometimes too much is too much
  • Single versus multi-column indexing
  • Array indexes: learning to love GiST because
  • Full text indexing: find "needle" in "War and Peace"
  • Index monitoring & maintenance
  • While this presentation will focus on PostgreSQL due to its support for a broad array of index types, it should be of some value to all database administrators and database application designers. Attendees should finish this talk with an informed idea of what their indexing options are and how to approach them to really improve database performance.

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