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Building a High-Speed Web Site Using Template Toolkit and PersistentPerl
Vivek Khera, MailerMailer, LLC

Track: Perl
Date: Thursday, July 29
Time: 1:45pm - 2:30pm
Location: Salon G


Many web sites have a mix of dynamic and static content. Keeping the look and feel of the site consistent across the static and dynamic pages can prove challenging. Using perl's Template Toolkit, PersistentPerl module, and a mix of some standard Unix tools, it is very easy to create and manage entire web sites.

A detailed example of how to use a web site for managing an email filtering service will be presented. It will outline how the web page design is converted into template components and how the static pages (mostly the marketing materials) are pre-generated based on the same templates that are used to generate the dynamic pages (those where the customer configures their service). By performing this split, the web site is extremely responsive since Apache is very efficient at serving static content.

Full details on configuring Apache to use PersistentPerl and all other management scripts will be presented.

Download presentation file

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