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Applying Advanced Database Features
Robert Treat, DBA, PostgreSQL Community

Track: PostgreSQL
Date: Wednesday, July 28
Time: 5:20pm - 6:05pm
Location: Salon D


While everyone talks of using features such as views and server side procedures to build quality applications, advocates largely overlook how much time they can save when applications are incrementally re-engineered.

Seeing the Same Point of View
Changing the underlying database schema can have extensive effects on applications working against a database. In our first example, a requirement change requires some table normalization. We will use a view to limit the amount of code changes for applications querying on the table in question.

Keeping Things Functioning
A change in business requirements leads to development of a new module. Unfortunately the module needs to be written against the production system to function now, and against the development system to work after the next system upgrade. We'll use set returning functions to keep from having to write the module twice.

This talk will walk through two real world examples of how using "advanced" database features can help reduce the amount of rewritten application code that inevitably happens with mature products, and discuss ways to implement these techniques at the start of a project as well.

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