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PHP Web Services
Christian Wenz, Partner, Hauser & Wenz

Track: PHP
Date: Thursday, July 29
Time: 4:30pm - 5:15pm
Location: Salon A


Many people think that web services are a hot topic. Many people also think that web services are best used with Microsoft .NET or J2EE. However this is not true any more. The open source community offers a lot of modules that make using web services really easy--if you happen to find decent documentation. This half-day tutorial focuses on web services with PHP. After an introduction to the concepts of web services, various PHP modules for web services are evaluated and demonstrated. Topics include XML-RPC, SOAP, WSDL, DISCO, UDDI, .NET interoperability, and a couple of other buzzwords. Attendees will learn to create and consume web services with little effort.


  • Web services: Why, where, when, how?
  • XML-RPC: Why, who, how? (XML-RPC for PHP; PEAR::XML_RPC)
  • SOAP: Why, what, where? (NuSOAP, PEAR::SOAP, ...)
  • WSDL and DISCO (NuSOAP, PEAR::SOAP, ...)
  • UDDI (PEAR::UDDI, ...)
  • .NET interoperability (NuSOAP, PEAR::SOAP)
  • Web services security
  • How did Wenz become involved with this topic? "About five years ago, I was looking for an alternative for server-side scripting (I mostly used Perl and ASP back then). I stumbled upon PHP, and that's where it all started. When web services came up as a hot topic, I was interested in the PHP implementation of this technique, as well. In 2003, I wrote a PEAR package for one of the (many) protocols used in web services.

    "Web services are considered by many as a topic that is both cool and does have future. Microsoft heavily use and propagate web services as part of their .NET strategy. Being a friend of heterogenous systems, I find it very important that other technologies like PHP also do offer a sound support for web services. So of course my talk will not only have a look at various PHP web services implementations but also will show interoperability with .NET."

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