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IO::All and Other Spiffy Modules
Brian Ingerson, Free Agent, Social Text, Inc.

Track: Perl
Date: Thursday, July 29
Time: 1:45pm - 2:30pm
Location: Salon D


IO::All is a new way to do all the various kinds of Perl I/O in one surprisingly simple interface. It gives you one function called "io" that can work as a file handle, a directory handle, a TCP/IP or Unix socket, a string IO handle, STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR, a temporary file, and the list goes on. And it does this in an object-oriented fashion that offers dozens of high level methods to make most complicated operations a snap.

The idioms offered by IO::All will greatly simplify your everyday Perl programming. For example you can create a forking socket server in three lines of Perl, and you can do intuitive file searches with a simple grep. IO::All is truly the Swiss Army Light Sabre of Perl I/O.

IO::All inherits much of its magic from a new module called Spiify.pm. Spiffy allows you to build object-oriented modules in a clean consistent manner, and offers a couple twists not found in any other Perl base classes.

In this talk you will learn lots of new I/O idioms for your Perl programming. You will see how IO::All is really just the amalgamation of other robust and mature Perl I/O modules. You will also be shown other Spiffy Perl modules, and how Spiffy modules can be easily created, subclassed and extended.

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