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Perl 5.8.5 Was Boring (And Why You Should Be Excited by This)
Nicholas Clark, Fotango

Track: Perl
Date: Thursday, July 29
Time: 2:35pm - 3:20pm
Location: Salon F


There's a lot happening in Perl 5.8.x -- Jarkko Hietaniemi has passed the reigns over to a new pumpking, and with this comes some changes to Perl maintenance. But despite adopting "release early, release often," priority one is actually to make releases as uneventful as possible.

Last OSCON the current version of Perl 5.8 was 5.8.0; at abstract submission time the current version is 5.8.3, but by this OSCON 5.8.5 will be current. By adopting a time rather than feature-based release cycle Clark can be confident about when the release will be, but right now totally ignorant as to what will be in it (well, apart from no new bugs, and fewer of the old ones).

Come to this talk to find out how the new clockwork release cycle helps you to plan. See how far Perl maintenance has come in the past 12 months, learn where is it going, and discover why it affects you differently depending on whether you are an end user or an author of modules on CPAN.

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