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SOLD OUT Tapestry - Elegantly Build Web Applications
Erik Hatcher, Programmer, Applied Research in Patacriticism - University of Virginia

Track: Java
Date: Tuesday, July 27
Time: 1:45pm - 5:15pm
Location: Salon C


Tapestry offers true event-driven, component-oriented web development. The concepts in Tapestry are not new in traditional desktop development, but are mostly foreign to even seasoned web developers. For many, this can be a dramatic paradigm shift. The purpose of this session is to introduce Tapestry beginning with its original design goals through interactive demonstrations.

Tapestry began with bold missions. HTML templates are pure HTML, allowing easy integration between graphic designers and developers. Components are reusable, even across projects. JavaScript is a first class citizen. Write application code, not plumbing. Report errors precisely and robustly. Tapestry lives up to each of these goals, and goes beyond.

Everything in Tapestry is a component. Custom components behave identically to the built-in components, and developing them is straightforward. Beyond user interface components, though, is the pluggable services architecture allowing for all core features to be extended and customized.

This tutorial will be highly interactive, with coding a sophisticated web application on-the-fly demonstrating the speed and sophistication which comes from using this wonderful framework.

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