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Overcoming Limitations by Utilizing MySQL
Shakeel Sorathia, Director of Systems and Operations, Citysearch

Track: MySQL
Date: Wednesday, July 28
Time: 4:30pm - 5:15pm
Location: Salon A


Citysearch utilized Oracle Servers for their database. Apache::DBI provides significant improvements in speed but it leaves a connection open to the database and caches it in memory. That means a cached connection for each process on each server! Even if you utilize Apache 2.0, you may still have this problem to some degree, depending on how powerful your database is and how many application servers you may have.

Consider creating a layer of databases behind a load balancer when utilizing selects (or how to use them in conjunction with existing DBs). It will provide you with a much cheaper alternative and scales much better as you add more application servers. There will be a review of costs/benefits and how and why this is a good solution. A description of how the architecture would be set up is described as well.

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