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Python QuickStart
Paul Prescod, Founder, Constant Revolution

Track: Python
Date: Monday, July 26
Time: 8:45am - 12:15pm
Location: Salon D


This is a fast-paced introduction to the Python programming language including information about its community, extensions, implementations and quirks. This class has been delivered several times to positive reviews. The class is open to all kinds of students:

If you are a programmer of another language, the class will introduce you to what makes Python distinct. By the end of the class you will be able to write simple programs and easily follow the various online and printed Python books that are available.

If you have never programmed, it will give you a good sense of whether Python is an appropriate first language for you.

Topics covered:

  1. The big picture
    1. What is Python?
    2. History of Python
    3. Where is Python used?
    4. How can I get Python?
    5. Implementations of Python
    6. Python on different platforms
    7. Python compared to other languages

  2. Basic language syntax
    1. Basic data types
    2. Data structures
    3. Simple statements
    4. Flow control

  3. Advanced features (very high level overviews!)
    1. Exceptions
    2. Classes
    3. Magic methods
    4. List Comprehensions
    5. Advanced Functions

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