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Constructor Dependency Injection with PicoContainer, a post-J2EE Nirvana
Paul Hammant, Architect, ThoughtWorks, Inc

Track: Java
Date: Friday, July 30
Time: 10:45am - 11:30am
Location: Salon H


PicoContainer and NanoContainer reintroduced simplicity into component frameworks. Using these frameworks, an application component could not be easier to write.


Inversion of Control (IoC) and Constructor Dependency Injection (CDI) are the design patterns that PicoContainer and NanoContainer promote. IoC is not new, but with the CDI sub-type, widespread acceptance has occurred.


A case is made for the simplicity of the CDI architecture and how the hairball hell of large applications can be avoided, without having to leverage the monolithic EJB designs from J2EE. Along the way, the ease of unit testing of CDI components and their loosely coupled nature is illustrated.

The session will be a slideshow with coding examples throughout and questions from the audience will be fielded at the end.


A must for developers in large teams who are suffering from excessive source control conflicts and are finding that component entanglement is huge.


See http://www.picocontainer.org, http://www.nanocontainer.org and http://www.martinfowler.com/articles/injection.html

Download presentation file

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