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Rublog - Blurring the Line Between Blogging and Everything Else
Chad Fowler, Ruby Central, Inc.

Track: Ruby
Date: Thursday, July 29
Time: 2:35pm - 3:20pm
Location: Meadowlark


To say weblogging has changed the Internet would be passe. Everyone from teenagers to politicians to huge corporations is using "blogs" to publish near-real-time information both internally and externally. Traditional weblog systems evolved from content management systems and were focused on providing an easy, point-and-click web publishing experience to the average end user.

Now ubiquitous, weblogs have evolved into an application platform in their own right. As the uses for weblogs expand, weblog software is adapting to support them.

Dave Thomas's Rublog is a simple, lightweight, extensible weblog system written in Ruby. While it lacks the ease of use that many popular weblog packages provide, it is extremely flexible and easy to program. This talk introduces Rublog and then delves into how Rublog can be used as a platform on which new applications can be built. Attendees will learn:

* How to install and configure Rublog
* How to integrate Rublog with CVS
* How to extend Rublog to support new file formats
* How to create new Sidebar plugins

Finally, we'll put all of these pieces together and demonstrate some novel and unexpected uses for the Rublog package.

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