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Next Generation Applications in XUL: Microsoft Avalon XAML for the Rest of Us
Marcio Galli
Jason Henriksen

Track: XML
Date: Wednesday, July 28
Time: 1:45pm - 2:30pm
Location: Salon G


Why wait for Microsoft's Longhorn's Avalon XAML application development framework in 2006 when developers can begin to create web-delivered applications using XUL today? XUL will be compared with other alternatives, in addition to XAML, including Macromedia's Flash (and ActionScript).

*Reduce* the complexity of the application development effort. With XML as the common language for application definition and Javascript as the business logic of the application, XUL allows developers the ability to quickly create feature-rich applications delivered over the web.

*Reuse* the Javascript work already invested in browser-based applications.
*Recycle* the power of desktop user interfaces with the power of XUL cross-platform application frameworks.
This talk will walk through the entire lifecycle of developing an application in XUL.
We will also demonstrate the benefits of building generic XUL dispatch applications on top of XML servers.

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