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Filesystem Snapshots Using Common Utilities
Andrew Sweger, Owner, Addnorya

Track: Linux
Date: Thursday, July 29
Time: 2:35pm - 3:20pm
Location: Salon A


Not all organizations can afford commercial products that provide time-series archives such as Network Appliance's Snapshot(tm). Others may not be ready to implement free solutions such as EVMS.

Some of the benefits of having easily accessible filesystem snapshots include permitting users and system administrators to detail changes in files over time or recover lost or damaged files. It is possible to provide similar features of other snapshot solutions using utilities common to nearly any computer in an efficient manner that doesn't waste disk space. This talk will demonstrate how anyone can create snapshots of a filesystem using these utilities and easily access the information contained in the repository. Additionally, this talk will demonstrate how snapshots can be sent securely to a remote repository without losing file metadata and without requiring the remote server to trust clients. Utilities used in this demonstration include rsync, ssh, and the GNU cp command. Finally, this talk will demonstrate how this can be delivered in a package making deployment a snap.

In short: cheap filesystem snapshots sent over the network in a secure manner without wasting disk space using common commands including rsync, ssh, and cp, all bundled in a nice package.

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