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Recovering From Hard Drive Disasters
Theodore Ts'o, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

Track: Linux
Date: Tuesday, July 27
Time: 1:45pm - 5:15pm
Location: Portland


Ever had a hard drive fail? Ever kick yourself because you didn't keep backups of critical files, or you discovered that your regularly nightly backup didn't? (Of course not, you keep regular backups and verify them frequently to make sure they are successful.) For those of you who don't, this tutorial will discuss ways of recovering from hardware or software disasters. Topics covered will include low-level techniques to recover data from a corrupted ext2/ext3 filesystem when backups are not available, recovering from a corrupted partition table, using e2image to back up critical ext2/3 filesystem metadata, using e2fsck and debugfs to sift through a corrupted filesystem, and finally some measures to avoid needing to use heroic measures to recover your data in the first place.

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