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XML Publishing with AxKit
Kip Hampton, Freelance Web Developer

Track: XML
Date: Wednesday, July 28
Time: 4:30pm - 5:15pm
Location: Salon C


Hampton introduces Apache AxKit, a mod_perl-based extension of the Apache HTTP Server that transforms Apache into an XML publishing and application server.

This session runs the gamut from AxKit installation and the basics of XML-based publishing, through to advanced topics like creating custom AxKit components and building sophistacted multi-interface Web applications.

* XML as a Publishing Technology
  • Exploding A Few Myths About XML Publishing
  • XML Basics
  • Publishing XML Content
    • Client-side Transformations
    • Preprocessed Transformations
    • Dynamic Server-side Transformations

* Introducing AxKit, An XML Application Server for Apache

* Installing AxKit

  • Installation Requirements
  • Installing Apache and mod_perl
  • XML Processing Options
  • Installing the AxKit Core
    • Using the CPAN Shell
    • From The Tarball Distribution
    • Installing AxKit on Win32 Systems
  • Basic Server Configuration
  • Testing The Installation
  • Installation Troubleshooting
  • Where to Go for Help

* Your First XML Web Site

  • Preparation
  • Creating The Source XML Documents
  • Writing The Stylesheet
  • Using XSLT
  • Using XPathScript
  • Associating The Documents With The Stylesheet
  • A Step Further: Syndicating Content

* Points of Style

  • Adding Transformation Language Modules
  • Defining Style Processors
  • AxKit's Runtime Styling Directives
  • Stylesheet Processing Instructions
  • Dynamically Choosing Style Transformations
  • Named Styles and StyleChoosers
  • AxMediaType and MediaChoosers
  • Style Processor Configuration Cheatsheet

* Transforming XML Content

  • XSLT Basics
  • XSLT Cookbook
  • XPathScript Basics
  • XPathScript Cookbook
  • STX, SAX Filters and Other Options

* Serving Dynamic XML Content

  • Introduction to eXtensible Server Pages
  • XSP Tag Libraries
  • XSP Debugging Tips
  • Sample XSP Application: Managing Website User Registration, One Application 3 Interfaces

* Delivering Database-Driven Content

  • Other Dynamic XML Techniques
  • Aggregate Data URIs
  • Application ContentProviders

* Extending AxKit

  • AxKit's Architecture
  • Custom Plugins
  • Custom Providers
  • Custom Language Modules
  • Custom ConfigReaders

* Integrating AxKit With Other Tools

  • The Template Toolkit
  • CGI/mod_perl Handerls
  • Apache::ASP
  • Mason

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