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Enterprise Identity Management: Implementing Robust Authentication Services
Christian Lahti, Senior Consultant, NeoMagic Corporation

Track: Linux
Date: Monday, July 26
Time: 1:45pm - 5:15pm
Location: Mt. Hood


This tutorial teaches how to design and implement an open source centralized authentication solution that is suitable for a multi-site, cross-platform organization. Topics covered will include a discussion of authentication methods utilized by Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and other *nix OSs -- their compatibilities and incompatibilities -- and the security considerations for each platform. This tutorial will also demonstrate how to build a centralized authentication infrastructure utilizing OpenLDAP, PAM, Kerberos, and Samba to provide logon services to RedHat Linux and Sun Solaris, and provide DC services to Windows 98/2000 clients. Other platforms such as Windows NT/XP, OS-X, OpenBSD, and HPUX configurations will be included in the handouts.

This tutorial will investigate enterprise-level considerations such as high availability, load balancing, scalability, and replication. The discussion will close with the advanced topics of integration with commonly used applications such as Apache, RADIUS, and mySQL, demonstrating the benefits achieved by leveraging the data store at the application level.

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