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Why PHP 5 Sucks! Why PHP 5 Rocks!
Adam Trachtenberg, Senior Manager of Platform Evangelism, eBay

Track: PHP
Date: Thursday, July 29
Time: 5:20pm - 6:05pm
Location: Salon A


Have you tried PHP 5 yet? Sure, the new object model looks cool, but why turn PHP into Java?

Use XML? Your PHP 4 code won't work. PHP 5's DOM and XSLT extensions aren't backwards compatible.

Like MySQL? You can't use MySQL 4.1 without transitioning to a new MySQL extension.

Of course, who needs DOM when you've got PHP 5's SimpleXML? And the the updated MySQL extension does let you do some cool new things. Not to mention PHP 5 has iterators and exceptions and accessors and interfaces and a gadzillion other new features. This talk introduces PHP 5 by poking fun at its shortcomings as well as showcasing its promise.

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