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Infinite in Three Directions: In Praise of Open Thinking
Esther Dyson, Editor at Large, CNET Networks
George Dyson, Independent, Historian of Technology
Freeman Dyson, Physicist & Educator

Track: Keynote
Date: Thursday, July 29
Time: 8:45am - 9:30am
Location: Oregon Ballroom


"As a working hypothesis to explain the riddle of our existence," says Freeman Dyson, "I propose that our universe is the most interesting of all possible universes, and our fate as human beings is to make it so." One of the characteristics of diversity--in science, in technology, in biology, in culture, in software, or in children--is that the underlying programming tends to be open source, or connected in all directions. Our three panelists: Freeman Dyson, Esther Dyson, George Dyson, think in all directions, but each filters through a particular lens: Freeman Dyson writes about the future, Esther Dyson writes about the present, and George Dyson writes about the past. This discussion, moderated by Tim O'Reilly, will go in all three directions. Questions from the audience are invited either spontaneously or in advance.

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