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SOLD OUT Python Library, Tools and Advanced Features
Paul Prescod, Founder, Constant Revolution

Track: Python
Date: Monday, July 26
Time: 1:45pm - 5:15pm
Location: Salon G


Part of Python's appeal comes from its rich standard library ("batteries included"), extensions (like the infamous PyGame), development tools (e.g. PythonCard), runtime environments (cell phones!) and so forth. This class continues where the morning tutorial left off by describing this rich terrain. It will also cover some of Python's more advanced language features. Students should already know as much as was taught in the morning class.

The class is open to all kinds of students:

* If you are a programmmer of another language, the class will introduce you to the extended Python landscape. By the end of the class you will know about the various tools and features of Python.

* If you have dabbled in Python without learning about its extensions, community, and history, this class will round out your knowledge of those things.

Topics covered:

  1. Overview of the Python Library
    1. Regular expressions
    2. Internet libraries
    3. XML handling
    4. Operating system features
    5. Misc

  2. Major Python extensions, environments and tools
    1. Third party modules
    2. Tools
    3. Language extensions and variants

  3. Misc
    1. Python community
    2. Python books
    3. Python development
    4. Python's license

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