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Subversion: Version Control Rethought
Greg Stein, Uber Tech Lead/Manager, Google

Track: Apache
Date: Monday, July 26
Time: 1:45pm - 5:15pm
Location: Salon E


Subversion is a brand new version control system, intended to replace CVS. At the 2002 O'Reilly Open Source Conference, the Subversion Alpha release was announced. This past year, we saw Subversion make its final, 1.0 release. Subversion provides an easy, fast, and capable revision control system for your everyday needs. No longer do you need to suffer with CVS' foibles -- switching from CVS to Subversion is quite easy to do.

This tutorial will describe Subversion, why you should consider it for use, demonstrate its operation, detail how to setup and maintain Subverion servers, and compare and contrast it against CVS. Developers will be interested to learn how Subversion can help them, administrators will learn about security advantages and simplified administration, and managers will discover ways that Subversion can improve the productivity of their teams.

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