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PostgreSQL and Data Integrity: Beyond Data Manipulation

Track: BOF
Date: Wednesday, July 28
Time: 4:15pm - 9:00pm
Location: Salon G


Moderated by Bill Harper, Solutions TeleComputing

Database servers can be passive file cabinets or active information repositories.

A passive file cabinet stores data until its retrieval is required. An active repository helps manage the stored information by enforcing policies about data and their relationships.

This session will describe how to use the Postgres features that can protect your valuable information even if the programmers take a cognitive day off:

  • Declarative constraints to protect data values and ranges (not null, primary key, foreign key, check, data type).
  • Stored procedures for custom functions
  • "Before" triggers to enforce business rules
  • "After" triggers to audit database changes

This talk will show the enterprise power of the Postgres server and provide practical examples from production databases.

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