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Bob Lisbonne
Bob Lisbonne joined the Silicon Valley office of Matrix Partners in 2001. Before Matrix, Lisbonne was a general partner with Crosspoint Venture Partners. Prior to Crosspoint, Lisbonne was Senior Vice President and General Manager of Browser Products at Netscape. In 1998, Lisbonne led the effort to open source Netscape Navigator and Communicator, leading to the launch of mozilla.org and the development of the Mozilla Public License.

Before that he was Vice President of Marketing at Collabra Software, which was acquired in 1995 by Netscape. Previously, Lisbonne was Director of Integrated Products at Claris and a co-founder of Pacific Coast Software. Earlier in his career, he was an investment banker specializing in high technology companies at Goldman Sachs.

Bob attended Stanford University, where he earned MBA, MA, and BA degrees and did graduate studies in Computer Science.

  Bob Lisbonn

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