Kamaelia: Time Traveling and Other Toys from the BBC

Track: Python
Date: Friday, July 28
Time: 11:35am - 12:20pm
Location: D136

Many programmers find it's difficult to parallel task, and others find reuse difficult. And then there's TV -- you're in the middle of a session and then realize you've missed your favorite show, and wouldn't it be nice to travel back in time and see what you've missed.

Kamaelia is working to solve these problems. Its big ticket problem is to provide tools to allow experimentation with the technical aspects of putting the BBC's archive online. Already we have tools for timeshifting TV, allowing you to indeed travel back to see those things you've missed, tools for TCP/UDP/Multicast servers, and we do so in a scalable manner also allowing reuse, as well as a bunch of other fun things. And all Kamaelia systems are high parallel, but only in the same way as Unix pipelines -- a nice easy, understandable way.

This talk revolves around how you can build time machines of your own that are easy to extend to do the things you want, and the other things that Kamaelia enables. Like how to make parallel systems easy for people to deal with and reuse. Kamaelia's primary platform is python, but the ideas apply in C++ and Ruby, and we'd love to share.