Extending and Embracing RT

Robert Spier, Engineer, Google
Jesse Vincent, President, Best Practical Solutions LLC

Track: Web Apps
Date: Tuesday, July 25
Time: 1:30pm - 5:00pm
Location: D137-138

RT (Request Tracker), a flexible ticketing system, is one of those products that makes addicts out of normally staid sysadmins and developers. It is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal for organizing yourself and your company. This tutorial takes you on a roller coaster ride through many of RT's nooks and crannies, showing you how you can extend and embrace it--whatever your needs may be. Everything from "Enterprise Class Trouble Ticketing" (and what that means), through helpdesks, bugtracking, all the way down to personal grocery lists will be covered, with side trips into the land of alternate user interfaces, report generation, localization, and internationalization.

Highlights involve using RT as an application platform, tweaking the system for lightning-fast performance, and transparently integrating RT into your workflow. The customizations of several major sites will be demonstrated, as well as revealing some large companies you deal with every day who use RT.

Updated for the new technologies available in RT 3.4, and information about the future of RT.