Building Search Applications With KinoSearch

Marvin Humphrey, Consultant, Rectangular Research

Track: Perl
Date: Thursday, July 27
Time: 4:30pm - 5:15pm
Location: D139-140

Finally, Perl programmers have at their disposal a blazingly fast search engine library capable of scaling up to handle millions of documents. At last year's OSCON, Perl creator Larry Wall counseled KinoSearch author Marvin Humphrey to "seek convergence" with the popular Java search engine library project, Apache Lucene; the result is KinoSearch 0.05, a loose port of Lucene written in Perl and C.

This session will start with the fundamentals of building indexing and search applications using KinoSearch, and finish with a brief discussion of how KinoSearch manages to improve upon the speed of prior attempts to port Lucene to Perl by an order of magnitude.