Ajax Optimization Techniques: Working with Large Ajax Applications

Kevin Henrikson, Director of Engineering, Zimbra

Track: JavaScript/Ajax
Date: Wednesday, July 26
Time: 11:35am - 12:20pm
Location: Portland 255

Today's modern web sites and applications include more JavaScript, CSS, images, and other media than in the past. Optimization is extremely important for end-user usability and service scalability. Whether a new web 2.0 site or a large enterprise application, there are many techniques for optimization. This talk will touch on 3 Cs of Ajax application optimization and some free tools and techniques that can help you identify and solve problems.

  • Combine: Combining files makes them easier to compress and reduces HTTP overhead in additional requests. Merging smaller images allow browsers on high latency links to receive them quicker.
  • Compress: A majority of web resources today are primarily text; a little compression can lead to huge savings in bandwidth and download times for users.
  • Cache: Reducing the number of requests to the server for static image and frequently used resources.

An overview of existing problems will be discussed, using real-world examples to illustrate each point. A couple large Ajax-heavy sites will be dissected to review the various techniques that apply.