What's New with Perl DBI?

Tim Bunce, CTO, Data Plan Services

Track: Perl
Date: Wednesday, July 26
Time: 10:45am - 11:30am
Location: Portland 256

Have you been using Perl DBI for a few years and think you know it well? You might be surprised. Are you new to Perl DBI and want to learn a few tricks? Come and take a look. We'll be covering how to:select data directly into a nested hash tree
  • profile code that doesn't use placeholders
  • find the time spent within the DBI by a single Httprequest
  • find all sth for a dbh, or dbh for a drh, with weakrefs
  • fire callbacks around DBI method calls
  • know if connect_cached has reconnected
  • explore brain transplantation with swap_inner_handle