Coding Wizard, Savvy Trader: Applying Your Expertise to the Stock Market

Kartik Subbarao, Global Lead for the Open Source and Linux Technology Profession, Hewlett Packard

Track: Programming
Date: Wednesday, July 26
Time: 5:20pm - 6:05pm
Location: E143-144

Open source developers are among the best in the world at manipulating, transforming, and assimilating information in its many forms and guises. How can they put these skills to work in the stock market? This session will explore several ways to capitalize on expertise gained on programming projects. Topics to be covered include:

Technical and Fundamental Analysis: How to debug stocks to understand them better.

Options: How the two basic building blocks of options, calls and puts, can be used to construct flexible positions that can profit on a variety of stock price behaviors. This is not unlike how complex programs can be constructed with simple, modular components.

Backtesting: How to mine historic data for patterns and trends that can be traded with better confidence.

Internet expertise: How to identify the most useful web sites, newsgroups, blogs, discussion forums, and other resources.

Web 2.0: How to make use of data mashups, collaborative trading, and network effects.