Roadmap to Free .NET Developer Tools

Lee Fisher, Huckleberry Software

Track: Windows
Date: Thursday, July 27
Time: 5:20pm - 6:05pm
Location: E143-144

This talk is an overview of the many free and open source tools available for .NET developers.

There are a vast number of developer tools available for .NET developers. One problem is finding them all. Microsoft offers many, some of which are easy to find. Besides,, Dev sites like,,,,,, and others have hundreds of tools for C# out there.

Fisher will try to give a broad spectrum view to the C# toolbox and not just focus on tools that work in a single IDE, or tools that only help fix a single project. The focus will be basic C# developer tools, with categories like modelling, editors, IDEs, build automation, continuous integration, logging, debugging, tracing, performance, codegen, docgen, code coverage, issue tracking, installers, search, rule engines, database, and presentation.

The audience is assumed to be a C# developer who wants to extend their toolbox. However, many of these tools are useful to .NET developers who use other languages.